Empowering Youth through Real Estate

Young individuals residing in the Lilydale area were recently presented with a remarkable opportunity to gain insights into the real estate industry, with the aim of bolstering their confidence and future career paths.

Stockdale & Leggo have partnered with Bridge Builders Youth Charity to offer a work experience day.

During this event, a small group of enthusiastic young participants had the chance to acquire diverse skills in marketing, property management, and public relations. These valuable skills are poised to provide them with promising employment prospects.

Bridge Builders CEO and Founder Phil Stenhouse OAM expressed his pride in witnessing young people embrace opportunities that can alter the trajectory of their lives.

He shared his excitement and optimism for the potential growth, development, and self-empowerment that the experience could instill in the participants. Phil stated, “If this opportunity helps them become more confident, nurtures their self-esteem, and encourages them to say yes to life, it would be truly wonderful.” T

Bonnie Knight, a 25-year-old leader who joined Bridge Builders eight years ago, reflected on her personal journey. As a young school leaver feeling lost and uncertain about her future, Bonnie found solace and direction within Bridge Builders. Now a senior leader, she is dedicated to giving back to the youth community and expressed gratitude for the organisation’s support during challenging times. She emphasised that Bridge Builders had continually provided her with opportunities, such as the Stockdale & Leggo Work Experience Day, to enhance her skills and enable her to positively impact more young individuals.

Phil highlighted the significance of the collaboration between Bridge Builders and Stockdale & Leggo, emphasising its valuable contribution to the program’s participants. He noted the alignment between the values of asset building in real estate and the goal of developing the potential of young people. Phil described Stockdale & Leggo as an integral part of the community, echoing the sentiment that raising a child requires collective effort.

Stockdale & Leggo CEO and Director, Charlotte Pascoe, expressed her enthusiasm for the ongoing partnership and her hope for its continuous support in empowering more young individuals.

Recognising the importance of equipping young people with real-life skills to enhance their employment prospects, Charlotte acknowledged the two-year collaboration with Bridge Builders.

She emphasised the commitment to this joint initiative, driven by the shared belief that everyone deserves a chance to improve and boost their confidence.

Stockdale & Leggo CEO Charlotte Pascoe, Bridge Builders Founder Phil Stenhouse and Bonny Knight.

Phil urged more individuals to join Bridge Builders and participate in the “Project 100” program, an initiative aiming to recruit 100 people to contribute to the charity’s mission.

The collaboration between Bridge Builders Youth Charity and Stockdale & Leggo has created an invaluable opportunity for young individuals in the Lilydale area to gain firsthand experience in the real estate industry. By providing these youth with essential skills and boosting their confidence, the partnership aims to enhance their career prospects and empower them for a brighter future.

Through ongoing support and engagement, this initiative holds the potential to positively impact the lives of many more young people in need.

To find out more about Bridge Builders visit their website.